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working to reopen the lagan navigation form belfast to lough neagh

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The Lagan Navigation was one of the most successful commercial navigations in Ireland and boasts the only flight of 4 locks (Union Locks) in the Irish waterway network.

The remains of the Lagan Navigations canalised sections is one of the region's best assets as it passes through the cities of Belfast and Lisburn, traverses through rolling countryside and picturesque villages entering Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles.

From Belfast to Lough Neagh the Lagan Navigation travels East to West, 27 miles with 27 locks, 20 road bridges, 12 footbridges and 1 Railway Bridge. It passes through four Local Government areas - Belfast, Castlereagh, Lisburn, Craigavon and three Counties Antrim, Down and Armagh.

It is the principle objective of the Lagan Canal Trust to re open the Lagan Navigation from Belfast Harbour to Lough Neagh.

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The Lagan Canal Restoration Trust is delighted to present this guide to the Lagan Canal, Past, Present and Future; the first of its kind produced for the Lagan Corridor.

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As the River Lagan meanders through the lush Northern Irish countryside, it provides a rich eco system for local species of flora and fauna. Why not browse through our gallery of the local wildlife for yourself?

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Creating a sense of place, delivering waterside regeneration and understanding the potential of waterside environments is one of the things that the Lagan Canal Trust brings to local partnerships.

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The Lagan Navigation has been mapped well over the centuries and we are pleased to present a range of them from our archive up to and including the 2011 engineering drawings of the 27 mile route from Belfast to Lough Neagh.